the strangest coaching call ever

I had this strangely great coaching session not so long ago.

It was with a cell phone app.  Is that weird?

I mean literally no other human involved. Just me and this app on my phone.

It’s supposed to help me with stuff that I want to get better at.

I recorded what it said by using another app. That app typed it all out for me with almost no mistakes. Amazing!

Here’s what it said…

In “The Alchemist” Paulo Coelho” writes

“The Secret is here in the present.
If you pay attention to the present you can improve upon it and if you improve on the present what comes later be better”

Each time you engage in a  habit, let yourself feel that moment.

Take drinking water first thing in the morning… how your warm fingers wrap around the cold glass…  how each replenishing gulp feels after the long night. Did you sit up? Did you let the blankets fall? Did you let your legs dangle over the bedside? Was it quiet outside was it dark or was the light starting to shine and brighten your room? What could you see? And as you put the glass down, empty, can you linger just a little longer to note that you have already done something wonderful for yourself, only seconds into your day. Can you see the evidence that you are a person who treats yourself well? You have set a tone in that present moment “Self-Worth”.

Pretty cool huh… I’ve been doing the water thing for awhile now and I like it. I told you about it last week. I’m really sticking to it. Small wins add up over time. Sometimes, when you put enough of them together they add up to big and often unexpected wins. I’ll let you know

Marga 🙂

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