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one more stamp

Yesterday I went to visit my Visa agent for help. I’m trying to plan my next stop and I’m going to need a stamp for my visa.
Most of the places on my “Places to Go” list have some pretty strict rules for entry or are just plain closed completely. Anyway, he told me.. 
“Good news! They just changed the rules, there’s a new program for you to stay put for a couple months.”

So I said:
“Great, lets apply now”

And then he told me that I can’t actually apply yet. I need to wait until only 2 weeks before my current Visa Stamp expires. He also warned me.. 
“The rules could change again any time…so it might not be available when you need it. You’re gonna need a backup plan”. 
That’s the way it is with rules .They’re always changing. What worked yesterday might not work today.
What works today may not work tomorrow. The one rule, especially when having your own business, is everything changes. 
You can’t always just stay put . The world is moving and the rules are changing. You need help.  These guys at AT have helped me a lot  to stay ahead of the new rules in business. They make sure I don’t just stay put or fall behind. They’re great.
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